Terms and Conditions

  • At our sole and absolute discretion, BeCric reserves the right to revoke the availability of any offer to any member or group/syndicate member at any time.
  • Individuals who create fraudulent or duplicate accounts will be automatically excluded from the promotion. Any remaining balance may be forfeited, and the report will be placed on hold.
  • The owner of a registered bank account is required. Bank information is non-modifiable. BeCric reserves the right to request members with suspicious accounts to provide their PAN cards, bank information (including names and account numbers), and current-dated documents.
  • BeCric reserves the authority to nullify your wager because it was perceived as a physical error (or “palp”). This may transpire if a bookmaker commits an “obvious error,” such as inverting the odds of a match or saving another type of unintentional error while quoting the odds.
  • Members who employ a betting and gambling pattern shall be deemed to be engaging in irregular gaming. Equal, zero, or low-margin wagers and hedge betting shall be disregarded in the interest of fair gaming. BeCric retains the prerogative to confiscate all rewards and bonuses and to withhold any withdrawals.
  • Balance transfers to ‘Rummy’ are only possible once deposit and bonus rollover requirements are fulfilled.
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