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Bangladesh boasts a rich and dynamic cultural heritage, which, when combined with its rapidly expanding digital landscape, creates a fertile ground for the emergence of innovative entertainment platforms. One notable platform in this category is Becric, an esteemed online casino that strives to seamlessly integrate the conventional elements of casino gaming with the distinctive cultural intricacies of Bangladesh. Immerse yourself in a captivating realm of table games, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of the Bangladeshi audience.

Table Games

Becric Baccarat Bonanza

A captivating game that encapsulates the true essence of Baccarat. In this thrilling game, players can place their bets on the Player, Banker, or Tie, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to every wager. In addition, the Bonanza edition introduces an exclusive bonus bet feature offered by Becric, which enhances the gameplay experience by rewarding players for achieving specific hand combinations.

Becric Roulette - River's Wheel

A Riveting Gaming Experience
Drawing inspiration from the life-giving arteries of Bangladesh’s formidable rivers, this roulette game incorporates a distinctive and captivating element unique to Becric. Gamblers can place their bets on various options, including numbers, colors, and the exclusive bonus spaces found on the River. These diverse betting choices present players with distinct payout opportunities.

Dhaka Blackjack Delight

It is a captivating card game infused with the vibrant essence of Bangladesh. In the pursuit of achieving a card value close to 21, players are presented with an intriguing opportunity to engage in a side bet known as the “Becric Combo.” This supplementary wager enhances the game’s overall thrill and excitement.

Becric Bengal Poker

It is a captivating adaptation of the beloved international card game that seamlessly incorporates traditional Bengali elements—introducing the beautiful “Becric Bonus Round,” an exciting feature that adds a delightful twist to the gameplay experience, offering players enticing opportunities to secure additional wins.

Becric's Bangla Rummy Retreat

A Celebration of a Beloved Subcontinental Card Game The latest iteration of Becric brings a fresh perspective to this timeless game by introducing an innovative feature called “Becric Bounty.” This exciting addition enhances the gameplay experience by offering players enticing rewards for completing specific card combinations.

Chittagong Chances

Dice Duel is an exhilarating game that draws inspiration from the famous casino craps. In this captivating game, players can bet on the thrilling outcomes of dice throws. Introducing the exclusive “Becric Boost” feature to enhance your winnings on select exhilarating combinations.

Becric Pai Gow Paradise

A captivating fusion of Eastern and Bangladeshi influences, this game offers players an exhilarating challenge as they endeavor to surpass the banker’s hand. The “Becric Power Pai” game provides a thrilling experience by incorporating exciting bonus payouts.

Becric's Money Wheel - Sundarbans Spin

It is a captivating attraction that draws inspiration from the magnificent Sundarbans, Bangladesh’s world’s largest mangrove forest. This expansive spinning wheel presents an array of enticing sections, each offering unique and alluring payouts. Experience an exhilarating adventure with the exclusive “Sundarbans Bonus” sections that add a unique twist to every spin.

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