Placing Bets and Settlement


Enter your username and password to begin. Please choose one or more wagers from our selection and click on an estimated outcome using the mouse. Subsequently, the stake slip on the page’s right-hand side will reflect your bet. Later, indicate the desired stake amount and the form of wager you prefer to place (single, system, or chain). The change can be confirmed or canceled during the third and final phases.


A “Single” wager is the most basic type of wager. You put the bet after predicting the outcome and specifying the desired stake. Your chance is won if your prediction is accurate. The probabilities are multiplied by the stake to determine the winnings. A “Combo” is a wager comprising two or more events, with the condition that none of the events loses being a necessary component. The total odds of “comb bets” are determined through the multiplication of the odds of each prediction.

Defining a "HANDICAP"

A handicap, expressed in goals/points/sets/frames or another metric appropriate to the competition, represents an advantage granted to a selection. The bookmaking corporation provides the handicap, which has the value of “zero,” “positive” (1), or “negative” (-1). As an illustration, placing a wager on “Handicap 1(2)” for a football match would grant Team 1 a ‘leg up’ of two goals.

  • If the match concludes 1-1, adding the handicap will result in a score of 3-1, thereby securing victory for the wager.
  • In the event of a 0-3, adding the handicap will result in a tally of 2-3, thereby rendering the chance futile.
  • Adding the handicap will result in a total of 2-2 and a push (return of stakes) if the match concludes 0-2.
  • A “negative” handicap requires the use of subtraction as opposed to addition.

The following are several additional illustrations of a handicap:

  • For the Bet W1 Handicap (-1) to be successful, the host team must prevail by two goals.
  • Bet W2 Handicap (1) is only eligible for a win if the visiting team maintains a perfect record in the match, either through a draw or victory.
  • Bet X Handicap (1) is only eligible for a one-goal victory (or loss) if the home team prevails in the match.
  • To yield a victory, Bet X Handicap (-1) must indicate that the away team has a one-goal advantage or the home team has lost by one goal.
  • For the Bet W1 Handicap (-2) to be successful, the host team must prevail by three goals. Bet W2 Handicap (2) is only eligible to win if the match concludes as follows:
  1. A deadlock
  2. One goal in favor of the host team in the contest.
  3. The visiting team achieved a triumph.
  • To secure victory, Bet X Handicap (2) requires the host team to triumph by two goals.
  • For the Bet X Handicap (-2) to be successful, it must be either the road team’s victory or the home team’s loss by two goals.
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