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BECRIC Bangladesh’s fast-growing online casino market has ushered in innovative game themes that captivate and intrigue players. Embracing the nation’s cultural uniqueness, “Becric,” a leading online casino in Bangladesh, introduces a series of flight-themed games, providing patrons with a thrilling, sky-high experience.

Becric Skyway Jackpot

Description: A game that seamlessly merges the love for flying with the adrenaline of slot games. Players are invited to jump into the cockpit and navigate through a series of aerial challenges. As levels are cleared, they inch closer to hitting the jackpot. The game’s symbols range from dainty airplanes to majestic hot air balloons, with the BECRIC logo adding an exclusive touch. Bonus rounds promise heightened thrill, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Dhaka Skyline Adventure by BECRIC

Description: A tribute to the nation’s capital, this game transports players over Dhaka’s iconic skyline. Collecting coins becomes crucial as they fly, but it’s not just about hoarding – dodging looming obstacles is equally essential. The BECRIC logo shines as a wildcard, boosting the chances of a win.

BECRIC Balloon Bonanza

Description: Experience the serenity of Bangladesh’s landscapes while floating in a hot air balloon. The game offers a bird’s-eye view of picturesque settings, but the real challenge is to pop the special BECRIC balloons. Doing so propels players into bonus rounds where fortunes can be reversed.

Flight of the Bengal – Powered by BECRIC

Description: This game is about experiencing Bangladesh’s essence from thousands of feet above. Players can soar over terrains, from lush green fields to bustling cities. Each time the BECRIC emblem appears, it’s a chance to multiply rewards, making every flight unpredictable.


Description: The thrill of competition takes center stage. Players are pitted against time, tasked with navigating planes through intricate spaces and landscapes. The prospect of hitting the jackpot is directly proportional to their piloting skills – the faster the finish, the grander the prize.

Wings over Cox's Bazar by BECRIC

Description: The longest natural sea beach in the world is even more enchanting from the sky. The game design ingeniously allows players to dive, swerve, and fly while collecting coins and avoiding birds. Stumbling upon the BECRIC bonus badge transports players into an exhilarating bonus round.

BECRIC's Aerial Puzzles

Description: Strategy meets aviation in this brain-teasing game. Players are dealt fragmented parts of an airplane, challenging them to assemble it perfectly. Swift and accurate moves lead to bigger wins. And when the BECRIC logo makes an appearance, expect delightful bonuses.

Bangla Flight Frenzy with BECRIC

Description: This is a historical flight through the ages, touching on Bangladesh’s rich heritage. Players fly past landmarks, each with its backstory. The BECRIC bonus badge is the golden ticket to an exclusive bonus round, making every flight a gamble between risk and reward.

BECRIC Cloud 9 Lottery

Description: Fortune favors the bold, and in this lottery game, players choose from an array of clouds, each concealing a different prize. Unearthing the BECRIC logo promises a windfall, turning the skies into a playground of dreams.

Bengal Skies Slot Machine – Brought to you by BECRIC

Description: This game reimagines traditional slots. The reels come alive with symbols like helicopters, aircraft, and the distinctive BECRIC badge. A winning combination can yield significant, making every spin a heart-racing event.

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